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Demand Letters

Demand Letters

Debt collection demand letters are sometimes an unfortunate reality of doing business. Writing demand letters as a part of debt collection is something that no business owner wants to engage in, but today, it is becoming more and more of a reality. Having your terms spelled out and agreed upon in advance, makes the debt collection process easier, however even contracts can’t prevent a customer from being a slow payer or defaulting.  A demand letter is not a past due statement or reminder. If a customer has defaulted on a debt, a demand letter is a warning that if they do not pay within a set period of time (usually within 10 or 30 days), you will proceed with further steps such as a lawsuit. Below are 10- and 30- Day Demand Letter Packages for you to use to help you collect a debt. Choose between the option to allow the customer to fill out a Payment Agreement Form, or without the Payment Agreement option.

  • Silver Package A: 10- and 30-Day Demand Letters with Payment Agreement Forms Only $99
  • Silver Package B: 10- and 30-Day Demand Letters without Payment Agreement Forms Only $99

Need legal help or advice? Speak directly to Karen Riggio for ½ or 1 hour consultation! You’ll be contacted within 24 hours of the next business day once you submit your information.

  • Gold Package: Add half-hour personal consultation with Karen Riggio, including form: $199
  • Platinum Package: Add one-hour personal phone consultation with Karen Riggio, including form: $299

Price: $99.00 - $299.00

All forms will be delivered electronically via email to the address you submit. Microsoft Office will be needed to access the forms (.doc, .docx).

If you need legal counsel or advice on creating collection systems and contracts, call
The Law Offices of Karen M. Riggio, LLC today! We’ll help you create clear and concise written agreements and avoid potential business disputes. We’ve advised thousands of customers on the best ways to protect their businesses from debt collection issues, and aided in the collection of long overdue debts.

Call (203) 968-8715 today for a private consultation, or click here to send us a
confidential e-mail.